What are great places to see and eat in Italy?

In a week I will be going on a tour of Italy. The tour goes through Rome, Pisa, Lucca, Florence, Venice, and Assisi. Does anyone have any suggestions about things to see or places to eat in each of these cities?


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  1. Zibro1974 scrive:

    HI, it’s a good trip.

    Rome: Colosseo, Piazza di Spagna, Fontana di Trevi
    Venice: a long excursion around the city
    Assisi: Basilica di San Francesco d’Assisi, Basilica di Santa Chiara and Tempio di Minerva

    For Pisa, Lucca and Florence you can take inspiration by the tour suggested on this site

  2. Anonimo scrive:

    The best places are rome,with its roman’s monuments and florence,whit its 14century’s monuments and buildings.the best food is pizza but also ‘tagliatelle with ragu’ are not bad

  3. Anonimo scrive:

    Rome: Trastevere
    Pisa: Chiesa Santa Maria della Spina ( lungarno )
    Lucca: Le Mura
    Firenze: Fiesole e l’anfiteatro Romano
    Venice: La giudecca
    Assisi Santa Maria degli Angeli ( da cui Los Angeles )


  4. A_Rm scrive:

    In Rome, eat supplì (fried rice balls).
    In Tuscany, eat “crostini” (bread with several sauces on top).

  5. Anonimo scrive:

    You can visit Castelli romani near rome (you can see nemi, ariccia, castel gandolfo, ecc.). If you want they prepare tipical dish for you and they give you advices about tipical restaurant and winebar.
    if you contact them they can organize also a week and in Amalfi Coast for you

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